Stop Wait Go - Stressed out dealing with Children's behaviour? Take Charge. Change your life.

About the presenter

Sue Hyde

Sue Hyde

DipTeach, Batchelor of Ed (Majoring in behaviour), Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Sue is an experienced educational administrator, teacher, mother and grandmother. Her professional life developed into a career helping children and families who are trying to manage the sometimes challenging behaviour of young children. As Sue’s experiences as an advisory teacher in Behaviour Management spread into the Darwin community she found that many parents needed some support dealing with their children as so many families live away from their extended families and their support.

So Sue has developed a variety of ways of working to assist anyone who is struggling to deal with the normal day to day issues of children’s behaviour, anything from a range of extremely challenging behaviours or one simple issue like “How can I get my child to sleep all night?” Teachers, police officers, child carers, youth workers, and parents have been supported by using a more effective or expanded toolkit of strategies These more positive ways of teaching children to choose to behave in more socially acceptable ways, maintains self esteem and therefore builds confidence. This is essential if we want to nurture children who are able to be resilient and to manage the many risks and challenges that they will face in the future.

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