Stop Wait Go - Stressed out dealing with Children's behaviour? Take Charge. Change your life.

About the program

WorkshopSue Hyde helps parents deal with these complex issues in a simple way that helps parents get success quickly. She offers strategies that teach new behaviours, and once parents get results with one behaviour they are able to apply the ideas to any new situations that arise in future.

It is natural to respond with more energy to negative behaviours because they create a more intense emotional response. If we could weigh our energy output on a set of scales what would be the heaviest energy investment, our response to a screaming tantrum or the reaction to a ���good morning��� hug? Unfortunately, in giving a heap of energy to the negative behaviours we are likely to reinforce them and therefore create increasing levels stressful behaviours. They are really the ones that we are trying to STOP.

A golf coach can quickly teach the basics of hitting a ball. Trouble is when you get on the golf course the complexities are revealed, just as it is with human behaviours . We are extremely complex people and the interaction between parents and our children bring a life time of experiences that impact on our behaviour. Influences such as our emotional ties with our children, our busy life styles, the distance from our family support, our culture, the conflicting advice available from books, TV���s nanny programs, parents and friends. Sometimes these help and sometimes they can make the task even more confusing. When problems escalate a family can move into a crisis.

kidsSue is experienced at dealing with children with high level behaviour problems but she has observed that there is a significant need within our community for average parents with average children who are trying to deal with every day issues. So her workshops work for everyone, not just those with big problems. Getting it right early prevents the problems escalating and parents who attend workshops help and support each other. �������We weren���t supposed to be parents in isolation from our family and our community���, says Sue, �������but when children misbehave in public parents tend to stay home to save embarrassment and this just makes family life more stressful”.

Workshops help parents get to know others with the same problems and this can offer help and support each other. ���It really helps to know others are having the same or similar experiences���
The management methods recommended are democratic because this is the basis of the Australian society which our children live in. Inappropriate behaviour does need to have consequences if initial teaching of the desired behaviour is not accepted by the child. But parents marvel that it rarely comes to this once parents understand the basic need to invest more energy into reinforcement of the behaviours that they want to get Going.

But first we have to learn to Stop and Wait to get their own emotions under control
Sue is involved in running workshops around the Northern Territory. Many of these are free to parents through funding from Parenting Puzzle and Family Dare Care.

She will also available to work with individual families and give follow-up advice over the phone. “But mostly parents are off and running once they attend the workshops�������, says Sue ���When we run recall meetings the success within the group is consistent”.

For many parents asking for help is difficult. Our ability to parent is strongly attached to our sense of self, who we are and if we are okay. Parenting in isolation is difficult and once you take that step, parents and professionals alike say “this changed my life���.

As a facilitator of workshops the joy is when parents arrive tentatively taking a seat but leave smiling and full of confidence armed with a tool kit to deal with the behaviours that they want to STOP, when to WAIT and how to reinforce the behaviours that they want to encourage and get Going.

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